We are a graphic design studio based in Batavia, New York. Whether it's art direction, identity, interactive, or print design, we take pride in producing outstanding work and have fun doing it.

Welcome to our website, where you can enjoy a few samples of our work below.

Alive & Swell

Hello friends! It's been a while since we've updated but the goats have been busy. We have posted new work. We just wrapped up some print material for OCAC and our friends The Laird's. We are currently working on artwork for the new Glorious Unseen album. Until next time, 再见! ( That's goodbye in Chinese. Be sure to come back for more language lessons!)

Posted 05.19.2009 by JM


We are just as shocked as you, but it appears as though LogoLounge is going to be showcasing one of our logos in their new Master Library Series. They chose the Erick LeFevre Masonry logo for for the Initials & Crests book. We are so excited and can't wait to get our copy of the new series! Also we have lots of new work coming through and should be posting updates within the next week. Come Back!

Posted 03.01.2009 by JM

It's Fall

And we're busy as heck! Thanks to all of you who stop by and check out our work and for your kind words. For you, Kudos. Now, as the brisk air approaches we are gearing up to be sitting in front of our Mac's all winter making things for you. Be sure to keep checking back as we are adding a lot of new work and more splendid news. Also be sure to check out the "From the Goat" blog. Peace, Love, and Thanksgiving?

Posted 10.16.2008 by JM

A Hint of Print

Happy July everyone! We've added some fine new works to the portfolio above. We took photos of them thinking it would bring out the "realness" of the pieces, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results all around. We're staying busy and will be adding more projects soon. Now go play outside!

Posted 07.21.2008 by JR

Sweet Findings!

It appears that 2 of our branding pieces has been added to the Top 33 Church Logos list over at Church Relevance. Thanks to Kent and for the clients who allow us to be a part of your ventures. Happy Thursday.

Posted 06.26.2008 by JM


We were honored to be asked by Disc Makers to showcase the Out of Hiding project on their website and in upcoming print materials. Thanks to Disc Makers & to OOH for the opportunity to work on this piece.

Posted 06.03.2008 by JM

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